Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chatime Eats

Chatime is probably one of the milk tea stores that I find reasonable to go back to. Maybe second to Happy Lemon, but this time, we ate something savory for lunch there.

I ordered the Annatto Pilaf Rice, Chicken Chops and Jasmine Green Milk Tea.

Chicken Chops, Php85.00

To be honest, when I smelled the chicken chops, I remembered the Toribox chicken chops. And since I was able to taste Toribox already when I was in college, I just thought that maybe this is better than Toribox if not similar. But I was disappointed. It's not that it's terrible, but it's not amazing. The chicken itself was okay but the breadings is quite thick. And it also lacks flavor. Maybe a pinch of salt. But for the price I think this is okay.

Annatto Pilaf Rice, Php18.00

The Annatto Pilaf Rice for me was so good. I can eat it even without the chicken chops. It's so tasty. I can taste the parsely, garlic, few meat and annatto oil which blends like heaven. The two downsides of this are , one, the rice is a bit oily maybe because of the annatto oil and two, the serving is so small. T_T For a person with a big appetite like mine this is really sad.

Then after I devoured all if this, I drank their Jamine Green Milk Tea. 

Jasmine Green Milk Tea Large, Php85.00

The Jasmine Green Milk Tea was so good. It has milk but it was very light. And what I like about this drink is that there's jasmine flavor but it's not that strong. So technically, I just tasted the green milk tea with a hint of jasmine flavor. I really looove it. 

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