Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This photo was taken via Samsung Galaxy note 3

I just want to formally announce to the world about our new family member ! Yipeeeeee ! Her name is Chuckybebe (originally it was Chucky only). 

This dog actually is my uncle's dog. In fact, he had four shih tzus, and one of them is Chuckybebe. Just a few weeks ago, we had  a reunion of some sort with my relatives in my mother's side. Then my uncle of course brought them. As you can  recall, we took care of Chucky and Bruno before when my uncle went for a business trip in Ilo-Ilo. When we had the reunion of some sort, we noticed that when we try to lure all the dogs for food, she did not respond. Then I spoon fed her and she ate happily. Then we also noticed that when she's walking, she always bumps at things. So we told my uncle about our observation . The following day, he consulted the vet and then the vet confirmed that she is already blinded due to hereditary genes. After a few days, my uncle gave Chucky to us so that we can take care of her. 
 I'm so sad that Chucky is blinded already when it's not really her fault. But we are happy that we have her, we love her so much.

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