Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Army Navy: Fearless for Freedom

Last lunch, we ate at Army Navy (BGC branch) to celebrate one of my closest office friend's birthday. At first, we are supposed to eat at Brother's Burger, but unfortunately, it's a bit far from the office and will most likely consume time so we just ate in Army Navy instead.

At first, I was suppose to order the Bully boy Burger but I opted for a rice meal to sustain my energy until the end of the day. So I ordered their famous Fearless Chicken.

Fearless Fried Chicken
 The Fearless Chicken is so damn good. /OA but true.

The taste of the chicken is light and not so salty like the usual fried chicken. The chicken itself has a very delicious crispy skin and the chicken flesh is sooooo juicy. It's so juicy that when I cut the chicken, the juice comes out. And the flesh is tasty on its own. The gravy for me is just right, not too delicious that would overwhelm the flavor of the chicken. It just complements it perfectly.

Freedom Fries
I also ordered the Freedom Fries. For me, it's just a so so delicious fries. Frankly, it tasted like Mcdonald's twister fries except that it's not twisted. But, a fry is a fry, that I even forgot to take a picture of it and just remembered when there were a few pieces left only. haha

Price: average (not too expensive but definitely not cheap)
Taste: Really good for a fastfood person like me.
Service: The service is not excellent but it's still commendable. The fearless chicken took more than 15 minutes to be prepped before it was served to us.

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