Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Working Day (2013)


Today is the last working day of the year for me and I'm so happy that 2013 has finally ended.. Well, almost. ��

So many things happened in 2013, like the earthquake in Bohol, the Zamboanga thing, the Maring-habagat and of course the worst calamity ever the Yolanda typhoon.

As I reflect upon everything that has happened to me, to the country, to my family and everything else, God has really challenged our faith in Him. I'm so happy that many are willing to help out other people. It may not be monetarily, but any type of help will do and is considered an important contribution. Though there were still those that are selfish like Napoles and others involved in corruption, still there is hope.

There is still hope in everything!

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