Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Thoughts: YOLO

I've been thinking since this morning how my officemates balance their time in terms of work, friends, family and for themselves. With the limited time we have per day, it is so hard to balance everything up. I am more of a work-home person, and I just go out with my friends on weekends, but they can do it even on weekdays, right after work!

I already have this feeling that they're like superhumans. But of course they're not. They told me that life is short and said that they wouldn't enjoy themselves that much anymore in the future (especially when they get married and have kids, life will be different) so they should live life to the fullest now as if "You Only Live Once".

But for some reason, I think money is a thing. But I'm taking baby steps. Really! Haha Though it's not as frequent as what they do and not as expensive as well. But I'm trying my best. :)

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