Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vote Right: Baranggay Elections

I have never posted anything about the elections because I'm not really that good in understanding politics. BUT I CARE!!!

I just voted a while ago with no hassle at all (also voted in the senatorial elections).

When I voted in the senatorial elections before, I'm so lazy and told myself "do I have to." Then when I voted, I just realized that I really have to because it's a right that I have to maximize. Without the cheating and everything, I know that it is the responsibility of the voters to vote for the person who is responsible enough to lead the country and use the money (from the tax payers) allocated for the country, properly and responsibly.

So when it's time for the baranggay elections, I did not sacrifice my time to vote for the right person to go out with my friends because for me this is very important, especially now that I'm paying taxes.

If there's a slogan for drinking alcohol "Drink responsibly." I think the slogan "Vote responsibly" should be praticed as well.

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