Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Oatmeal, Tea and Veggie Therapy

I have always wanted to not only lose weight but lose fat and be fit and have a flat belly. But right now, I am not ready to enroll myself in a gym.

While I was canvassing for gym prices, I thought to myself that gym is not for me YET. Not only because it's expensive but I am a bit shy that people would see how easy I get exhausted. Then I remembered why. It's because I have low oxygen level in my blood. The reason is pretty simple. I breathe through my mouth. So instead of oxygen going in to the lungs, it goes to my tummy.

My nose is always stuffed because of allergies. So I'm finding a way to get rid of it and practice breathing in oxygen thru my nose.

While I'm doing this, I am researching of other ways to have a flat belly without the exercise and without food deprivation. So one way is eating oatmeal and the other is drinking tea. So the two are a bit easy. It's effective too because I'm not as constipated as before. But the other way is a bit hard but I'm trying my very best to incorporate vegetables in my meals, or at least have vegetables at least once a day. This also helped my constipation problem.

So the oats, tea and veggies are really effective for me. I feel better and lost a little weight. So right now from 120 plus lbs, I'm  back to 118.5 lbs which is my normal weight.

While these three are effective, I'm also trying to avoid fatty foods and sodium rich foods. But this is a little bit hard. But I'm doing my best really. Like I'm removing the fat from the pork I eat (unlike before, I eat everything). I'm trying to avoid french fries as well on weekdays at least (but this is sooooo hard for me). I just cheated on the fries part because I ate a Giga Fries from Potato Corner last Friday.

So losing weight or at least the belly is really hard, especially without the exercise. I want to start my own losing weight program like some of the ads I'm seeing but without drinking the shakes or whatever they're selling. I want to make a program using the products that we normally see in the groceries and use products that's not expensive like the shakes that networking companies sell.

So I'll end this post without any results yet, or conclusions, but so far, the things that I did like the oatmeal and tea and veggies. (And avoid fatty and sodium rich foods, trying my best on this part) are actually making me feel better and lighter within. I just have to deal with my stuffy nose first.

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