Saturday, September 14, 2013

Unplanned: Planes

It was a Saturday when we went to Robinsons Ermita to watch a movie since we weren't able to play badminton because the courts were occupied by classes. We decided to watch a movie and we can't decide of what we are supposed to watch between Planes and Elysium. So basically, this is something unplanned. Haha I know that deep inside, Chubby wants to watch Elysium but he decided to watch Planes for a reason that I don't know.

Before we went to watch the movie, we still have some time to walk around since it was just 11:30am and movie starts at 2pm. So first, we played billiards to kill time, and I lost. :( but that wasn't something new. I always lose to him. He is really good when it comes to this sport. Then after, he felt hungry, but instead of him finding something to eat, he found me something to eat. :| He bought me a Mega Fries from Potato Corner! He really knows how much I love french fries. After that we decided to sit somewhere but all the seatings in the mall were occupied (Like that was something new, it's always occupied). Then Chubby wants to have a drink so we went to Happy Lemon for a drink. I did not drink anything, because my wallet is empty. Haha he bought the Rock,Salt and Cheese variety Happy Lemon with cocoa as the base. It sounds eww and gross at the same time but when he let me tried it, I think it was really good. Because he bought a drink, we sat there while he drank his Rock, Salt and Cheese, and me eating my Mega Fries. To be honest, I already knew that he didn't like potato that much but I just discovered that he's not a fan of fries as well. Anyway, we did kill a lot of time. So after that, we headed to the movie and to be honest, I'm really excited.
So after the movie, I just concluded that the movie is really meant for kids! Hahaha It is so straight forward. No twists and it is predicatable as well. And as I'm comparing it to cars, it is somehow similar as well. It's just shorter. Hahaha but overall, I think it's a good movie.

After the movie, Chubby and I went to BonChon to eat ChapChae. He really loves noodles. He treated me an order but as I expected, I didn't finish it so I gave it to him. I'm quite happy that even if he is not my boyfriend anymore, he is still very comfortable to be with and at the same time he is comfortable with me as well (this is what I felt so hopefully I'm right). Then after eating he called his cousin if he can go to their house already but sad to say that there's no one in their house and he was asked to just wait for his call before he goes there. So I just suggested that we wait in the car.

In car, we waited and waited and waited until we fell asleep. Yes, we fell asleep. Then when I woke up he told me that there's no call yet. Haha but I'm glad that because of that super long wait, we had some real quality time together besides the sleep. :)

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