Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspiration: Officemate/Teammate

I have an officemate which is also a teammate whose going to resign here. I did not ask her why because I'm a bit shy but I heard from many that the reason is to study. Then I asked her what will she take then she said she'll study animation in Cebu. This is something inspiring for me because she worked here for like 10 years already and still pursued her dream. I hope I can be as brave as her. Money is stopping me. I have no extra finances if I leave my work so I have to sacrifice my own happiness for the mean time. But I have to admit, it is so hard to be like this. BUT if they can do it, there's no way that I can't.

I learned that sometimes you feel like giving up. Sometimes a person feels that there's no way that his/her dreams will come true. These feelings are normal. Achieving goals takes time. Sometimes that time takes 10 years or sometimes, worse when you're already in your senior years. But still dreams don't choose what age. But again, achieving goals and dreams isn't like a snap. You have to work hard on it.

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