Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Food: David's Tea House Take Out Siomai

My lunch for today is actually siomai. But I've been eating this type of siomai for a long time. Haha I just thought of blogging about it a while ago.

Anyway, so here's a background on the David's Tea House's take out siomai. I'm really not sure though if they serve the same type of siomai in their dimsum house. So actually, I defined it as a take out siomai because you buy it in packs but it is actually ready to it. But of course you have to heat it in the microwave first before eating them. These packs of siomai contain sixty pieces of siomai and they're refrigerated while they wait for people to buy it. But usually, when you buy it at night, they already ran out of stock. 

These siomai are actually smaller than the one you normally eat in the dimsum places and at the same time, it's cheaper as well. It's 130 pesos per pack, if I'm not mistaken.

So given that it's too cheap to be delicious, you shouldn't expect it to be as delicious as the one in the dimsum places. Haha but really it is not as good as those siomai, BUT for an affordable siomai like that, I think the flavor is okay already. Right? Well the taste really depends on you. You can try it. Just visit David's Tea House in Binondo, Manila or in any branch that you can find and purchase a pack to try. :)

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