Thursday, September 5, 2013

BBB: Busy But Bored

I am busy catching up with work right now since I already have the needed datasets. But I can't really take that person out of my mind. Not that I like him but, I'm just curious about him. So yes. I'm currently finding someone in the internet for 5 days but seems like I can't find him. Hahaha I can't mention the name though. I met him or rather saw him in a "sit in" class. A friend knows him but I can't ask him about that because he'll tease me about it. Haha

While I'm working, I posted two photos from Stylish Eve in instagram (add me! darellteng is my username). I feel like a fashion guru even if I am far from being one. I'm hoping that I can buy these clothes too but I can't because I need to save money so the only thing I can do is share it with others. I feel better when I share photos of things that I like with others. I don't know why.

I feel bored that's why I'm doing so many random things while I'm busy working. My work is very pressuring to me but at the same time it's boring for me.

Anyway, I hope that I can go home early today. I'm so excited to sleep.

Below are the pictures that I posted in instagram.

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