Sunday, September 8, 2013

All My Dreams: A bit hard to reach

I think I have lots of dreams. There are three occupations that I want to become all at the same time, that is professor, businesswoman and sports reporter. Though I have mentioned the first two already in my previous blogs, I just can't believe that I want to be a sports reporter, maybe because I love playing sports. And I would really love to learn as many sports as I possibly can. I just hope that I can get out of this meyham ASAP, because I'm not really happy with my work right now.

I feel like I'm a disaster in this industry. I never felt welcomed by the industry (not the people). Let's face it, this is not really what I wanted from the very first place.yet I still entered it. Now, I feel so bad for myself..

While I'm studying math stuff, I should probably study the history of many sports and the rules and everything. But this is fun. Haha  hope I'll enjoy it. :)

Super excited!

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