Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zettai Kareshi

I am starting to watch Zettai Kareshi (Japanese series) just yesterday as recommended by a friend and I am really grateful that he recommended it to me. Haha This japanese series is really really funny. And not only that, the story line so far is nice and unique. I haven't finished though. I'll give a comprehensive feedback about the series next time on a separate post but as of now, I love it. :)

But just to give you a quick background, it is actually about a girl Rikko that was constantly being busted by many man. Because of this, she was selected as a test subject by Kronos Heaven (the company who made the robot) on how will the robot work for her. With this, there's a lot of dilemmas and realizations that came about by Rikko.

This is the link of Zettai Kareshi in YouTube. Yes, you can watch it in YouTube! But sad to say, not all can be watched in your mobiles though.

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