Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Sunny Saturday Morning

I am once again happy because the sun is out again. I really love the sun and the warmth it gives to many.


I am happy to see few of my friends and classmates again after so many weeks and months of not seeing them. It's like finally I can rant again haha. I know that I will be annoyed if I'm the person that I am talking to but I really can't help it. I feel bad though. I feel selfish really when I rant and nothing good comes out from my mouth. But it makes me feel better. I hope my friends understand. But I'm still happy because they're not complaining in front of me. Though I can feel that they're annoyed most of the time. But nonetheless, they were there to listen and they make me feel better. I am really thankful that I met them and that they became my friends.


I was happy in the morning but here comes the rain again. It really makes many things look gloomy and sad. I hope the rain stops soon. :(

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