Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Morning: Sleepy and Gloomy

As always, I woke up and still forcing myself to wake up. In such a gloomy weather like this, it's really nice to still be in bed and sleep for 2 more hours. :)  I don't know why I always struggle in waking up but if there's no work, I wake up early and happy. Haha

Anyway, enough of the negative stuff. Yesterday night, I tried using my instagram account again. I want to use my instagram account again so that I could share cute pictures that can give people good vibes. As you can see, I've been ranting and complainibg about everything, and it is really annoying right. So I want to use a medium where I limit myself to only share happy thoughts, cute pictures and anything that can make people go awwww or "How cute!" in short, sharing good vibes, good mood, or anything nice. :) you can follow me on intagram too. Just type in the search button darellteng. That's my username. :)

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