Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning: Decisions and Study

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday night was really frustrating. I mean the rush hour was super rush hour really. It's not only super traffic but the train stations are super jam packed with undiscplined people. It took me three hours to get home. But anyway, within that three hours, I decided to not resign for now and earn experience first. To become a professor, you really have to have a master's degree. I stepped back and told myself that I did not prepare for any entrance examination. So I just decided to prepare for my entrance examination for next year and at the same time inquire when will the entrance examination for graduate studies be in 2014. Then I told myself that I have to start studying tomorrow! Which is today. I brought my algebra and trigonometry book. I aim to finish these two courses in one or two weeks only because I still have many harder courses (like calculus, abstract algebra, linear programming, statistics, mathematical probability, and o lot more) left to study.

For me, this decision is really big as I don't want op stay any longer in the banking industry, but I have to. It's experience. I have to even work harder so that I'll have better ratings from my bosses. It is really a big pressure for me to study and to be a good banker. I know that it's really hard,  but I know that I can do it! Yeah! I have the spirit! Yeah!

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