Monday, August 26, 2013

Lunch: Beef Teriyaki - Cafeteria Food

It's like hours and hours of waiting when I wait for the clock to tick 12pm. Haha

Usually, my mom prepares lunch for me but since there's no available food that is at the same time egg and chicken free, I've decided to just buy myself a lunch. When 11:50am stroke, I went to the cafeteria to buy some food. I didn't find the options that I'm seeing that appetizing. After minites of thinking what to eat, I've decided to buy myself a beef teriyaki and a cup of rice. Though I didn't expect that much, the cafeteria beef teriyaki had no resemblance at all with the beef teriyaki I ate in Japanese restaurants. And not only that,it is too oily. And there's no balance in flavor, it's a little bit too sweet compared to the the real beef teriyaki. Well,I know that beef teriyaki is somehow sweet but the sweetness is really different.

Overall, I was not happy with what I ate. :(

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