Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indeed a Holiday for Me

Hi everyone! I'm just bumming at home right now. Well, actually, I am supposed to go school to arrange some things, but I decided to just stay at home and rest. I'm glad that I decided to stay at home because I really feel that I need this, a good rest I mean.

It's so refreshing and hmm rejuvenating I guess to step back a little and think about everything. I just decided to really quit work after I find another available job for me. I really hope though that I get accepted as a professor. But if that doesn't happen, I'll try to work in other industries. I applied for an insurance company. And I am still finding other companies that would be interesting to join. With this in mind, I, again, reflected. I just learned that the world is so big that sometimes it would be hard for you to know if you really like something or not, unless you try it. Before, I said, I do not want to work in a corporate world, then the good thing is that I still tried it and realized that maybe it's not the corporate world, maybe I just don't like to work in the banking industry. So I am trying my best to look for other available opportunities in other industries as well. But I told myself, if I get accepted as a professor, it will be a sign for me that I am meant to be one. =)

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