Thursday, August 22, 2013

End of Typhoon Number N

I am feeling happy that at least this morning, grounds are already dry. It's been raining so hard for the past 5 days and it was such an inconvinience to go out.. I'm not expecting that this will last long since according to weather forecasts, there's a.low pressure area lingering near the Philippine Area of Responsinbility (PAR). But I'm really happy that finally the sun is out. :)

Anyway, I went out with my colleagues to eat lunch in Stacy's. I ordered their layered sausage and potato pie. Before I got the food, I expected it to be of a big serving and I also expected the rice to be inside the pie. But when I got my order, I just thought that maybe I just expected too much.. The first layer is just mashed potatoes then the second is a mix of sausages, ground pork, green peas, onions, raisins and a little bit of cheese. Then it goes with a cup of rice shaped like a heart and a side of carrot and corn. Out of ten, I'll rate the food 6, because it's not really bad but it is not that good at the same time. Plus, the serving is a bit small for the price of 200+ pesos.

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