Monday, August 26, 2013

Cute Things: My Melody and Cinnamoroll

Today, I feel so exhausted because it is a working day again. My body feels so heavy and my eyes, aww, my eyes, they just don't want to open really.

When I arrived at the office before 7am I fell asleep, and it was really a challenge to open my eyes again. But I told myself that it's almost 8:30am so I have to force myself to fully wake up. I'm still a little groggy though, so I opened my facebook and I'm so happy I did. I just saw a lot of cute things this early. These things really made my day. The first cute picture I saw was My Melody's pictures.

Then I scrolled my feeds down further and I saw pictures of Cinnamoroll. :)

Then scrolled down further and saw a video of Boo! The famous pomeranian dog with the unique haircut.

I really hope that everyday is filled with cute things because they transform a bad day to a really good and fine day. It really changes my mood. :)

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