Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bruno and Chuckie: My Favorite Dogs

After so many sleepless nights of my mother, finally, I can post a blog. hahaha Yes my mom. Not me. It's because they're using my laptop to get notes and other references for my brother's upcoming exam.

I think, I have never mentioned Bruno and Chuckie in my previous blogs. They're not my dogs though, they're my uncle's. But there was this time that my uncle went to Iloilo for a business trip and we took 2 of his dogs (he has 4 shitzus) so that they won't be alone and hungry for two weeks, and that's Bruno and Chuckie. They're so cute and lovable and behave, well fine, they're not so  behave, they love to play! haha

Anyway, here's some picture I have with them from last April and just last week and also some photos from May I think. To distinguish the two, Bruno is the brown shitzu and Chuckie is the black one.

Well, when they were at our custody, this is what they always do, they lie down. And the other thing they always did was play. Their life was eat, drink, lie down and play. They rarely sleep as well. Or maybe, I just don't know. harhar

Then, when we saw them again in our grandmother's birthday, we were so happy, we sure missed them a lot. Then I took this picture. I never saw them share, not ever at least in our custody. So this picture is really worth it.

Then last Sunday, I saw them once again. It really made my day.

And it was really heart warming because they really remembered us after so many months of not seeing each other.

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