Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 6, 2013

Well, I was really excited a while ago. so I went to the school first to see Chubby, then we went to Greenbelt via his car.

That's Chubby driving.

On our way to Greenbelt! With Chubby driving (top picture) and me on white

To be honest, I really have high expectations for Despicable Me 2. I expect it to be more funny and hopefully the story will be very exciting. 

 So here, we arrived in Greenbelt 5. (because the parking lot was located there). This is the view of Greenbelt where the nearby restaurants were located. 

So when we arrived in Greenbelt, first stop was food. So we went to find Mcdonald's because Chubby was really hungry. But it seems like there's no Mcdonald's in Greenbelt, so we walked all the way to Glorietta to find a Mcdonald's branch. When we found one, I just realized how hungry I was too, but come to think of it, it's just a few minutes past 10:30 AM. After we ate , we walked and walked until we got really tired and exhausted because of the heat, so I told Chubby to go to Greenbelt 3 so that we know where we are going to watch the movie. Luckily, we found a Big Chill stall near the cinema because we were so thirsty. So it's really funny, because when we arrived, we were so hungry then after eating we walked then we got really thirsty. So you guys already have an idea what kind of people we are. haha!

So getting to my point. Despicable Me 2, well, for me, I think I expected too much. the story was so predictable. It's like this, Gru was recruited by an undercover agent, which is a girl, to save the world. Then they became partners. Then when the mission was over (that's what they thought), Gru was free to do whatever he wants and Lucy (the undercover agent) was destined to do another mission in Australia. When they parted, they realized that they were in love with each other. and they fought the real antagonist and they succeeded. Then you know how the story ended, they got married. The girls was happy about this though, because they have wanted ti have a mother. The only funny and nice thing about the minions. They REALLY exceeded my expectations. They were cuter and funnier and made the movie something interesting to watch. Especially the part when Gru and Lucy got married, they sang, and it was really funny. 

"Underwear and the stars and the sky..." hahaha 

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