Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

After work, I went to Forever 21 to check out their sale items. Then I realized how picky I am with clothes. For me, being picky with clothes is not really a bad thing, because you only buy what really suits you. Of course, I looked for the best bargain as well, so my eyes were only at the sales items. And I was succesful in finding a top that I really like and is 50% off the original price. =)

With what I bought a while ago, I also realized how important accessories are. When you pick a dress or a top that is super plain, sometimes, it does look good at all, but when you accessorize it, the look seems to level up. Well of course, you should pick the right accessory for the outfit so that it wouldn't look overdone or sloppy.

Not much to say today. I am just too excited about watching Despicable Me 2 that I always think of it. haha  I promise that after I watch the movie, I will post my feedback here.

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