Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

I just received my tickets for the movie Despicable Me 2. I am really excited to watch this movie this Saturday, I love Agnes and the minions!!! I got really excited and I was smiling like a retard when I received my tickets.

I just notice that my blogs are a bit, well not a bit but really boring. No pictures. So maybe when I have something interesting to show you, then I'll share a photo of "the interesting" so that you will not just imagine what I am talking about. haha But anyway, today is a bit of a good day and a bad day as well.

Good news first. Well, okay, I think, it is better to end a blog with good things and happy stories so I'll just tell you guys what are the bad things that happened today. This morning, a lot of my travel time was wasted because of the MRT station. Here in the Philippines (for those readers who are not living here), the transits has no specific time, so they just come and go. So a while ago, I think rush hour went a bit early. I'm wrong blaming the MRT for that. So there's a lot of people as early as 6AM in the MRT and LRT and Bus terminals. I was like, what is going. So that's not a good thing to start a gloomy day.

Then for the good news, well, I am not the youngest in our department anymore, because we have a new member in our department, her name is Carla, and I already met her when I was signing my contract for the bank. She was an intern back then. So I was really happy about that. Then of course, listening to Monster Radio RX 93.1. Yeah! you heard it. That radio station really makes my mood really better. And finally, the free Despicable Me 2 tickets c/o our beloved company. hahaha I immediately texted Chubby when I received it.

And oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I was able to get my phone to work. I just dropped it on the floor (on purpose) for five times before I made it turn on again. <-- this is really serious

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