Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013

Today, almost everything went wrong. But I'll tell you those things that went wrong as I walk through the things that happened to me today.

This morning, I took a classroom training about the lending system of the bank, but since most of the "students" in that class are from sales and the branch, the instructors decided to focus on customer relationship something system. So I am already familiar with that, and I am to use that system for enquiry purposes only, so it's a bit useless on my end. But I find the instructor very nice and kind so she just sat down with me and walked through the lending system and told me that next time, she'll open a class that will focus more on the system that I need and would call me for that. But for the mean time, she just told me to send her an email if I have questions. Lessons and other technical stuff aside, I felt out of place in that room, because no one seem to approach me and no one seem to want to meet me. Am I weird? Or do I look weird? Or maybe I am that I just don't notice. I don't get it, even in my internship before from a local bank, out of thirty plus students, no one seem to approach me at all. Or do I look stupid. I was dress appropriately and normally a while ago. So physically I feel normal.

My phone, my stupid phone, just went crazy. When I was about to go home, my phone turned off by itself and turned on again and off and on and so the cycle continues until now. It really pissed me off. Because with that I was not able to call my parents.

Then Chubby, my "friend" or should I even call him that, did not, even one single message, texted me, the whole time. I was feeling "Am I even your friend?"

It seems like this day is just not my day. The only good thing that happened was nothing!!!

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