Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

I just realized, while I was walking along the streets of Bonifacio Global City, that Philippines is such a nice place. Even if I live in the city, you know that it's really nice here. It's like New York (not that I have already been in New York already). Then, when I arrived at the office I reflected that maybe I or we should learn how to appreciate good small things that come in our way, because you would never know what comes in return for the little appreciation we feel for that small thing (not materialistically, but mentally and emotionally). I was "hot and cold" this past weeks and it made me realized that I should learn to stop looking at the bad side of the world and start learning how to appreciate that good things in life.

This blog entry maybe a little too short but I think the message that I portrayed in this blog is one of the most inspirational (I think I used the wrong term, but I mean something similar to inspirational) for me.

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