Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girl Problem: Red Days

Let's admit it, one of the cons of being a girl is having a monthly period. And not only that it's disgusting and makes you feel uncomfortable, but we girls are at high risk according to the commercial here in the Philippines. But when I think about it again and again, yes, it is. We girls are more prone to infection, because the blood itself causes infection. With red days or not, it is really recommended by doctors to use a feminine wash in that feminine area, for a better protection. =) The feminine wash is more acidic than water and most probably than soap (soap is basic), and from  my research the feminine area must be acidic that's why a more acidic form of wash must be used to fight those infectious bacteria there.

In my case, I use pH Care feminine wash, because it is one of the feminine wash here in the Philippines that is not only affordable but is more acidic than water. Take note, pH level of water is 7.5, so if it's higher then it's basic, if it's lower, it's acidic. pH level of pH Care is at 5-5.5.

I also tried this variant before, but it's a little bit pricey for me. The pH level of this variant is at 3.5-4 so in essence, Lactacyd is actually preferred by many doctors because of the pH level.

There are other new variants coming out in the market such as Betadine and other brands. So it's really up to you what to use. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor about it, and create some list of recommendations and try to find what fits to your budget and at the same time protects you from infection. =)

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