Monday, July 22, 2013

Developing Philippine Business District

In the Philippines, the well known business districts are found in Metro Manila (or National Capital Region) i.e. Ortigas Center and Makati. Now, there is a new business district being developed, and I am working in that area as well, the Bonifacio Global City. I will try to share with you some photos that I just took a while ago, but expect me, sometime in the future, that I'll be posting more photos about this area. So I will flood you guys with photos of some parts of the Bonifacio Global City and many photos of the famous Bonifacio High Street, the half park, half "Mall" of the area.

Parking Area. Almost all parking areas here in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) are open, but I think when this area develops, developers will build parking buildings. For now, these are enough for the people living and working here to park, but when the other companies move here, then I think, there will be a shortage in parking spaces so a parking building will be built (maybe in the future to sustain the needs of the people who work here) 

That is one view of the Bonifacio High Street Central. That part of the famous Bonifacio High Street has boutiques that I can't and will never enter (since items there are very pricey eg. Rolex)

This building is the almost done Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) building. This will be the third PSE building built here in Metro Manila. The first one can be located in The Ortigas Center, then the second is in Makati.

Here's another view of the Bonifacio High Street Central. Really nice isn't it, but it speaks for what type of people they target to sell their products as well.

Welcome to Bonifacio High Street. The place where you can find the less pricey items but still are very pricey and high end. Haha To be honest, the only thing I bought here is a pair of Havaianas slippers, that's just it. Hahaha

As you have noticed, Bonifacio High Street is more like a park than a mall. But it is really a mall, because of the boutiques. But I really like the park. Many people stop by and chat and have a good time in the park.

Then, we have Serendra, a very nice place. Serendra is actually a low storey condominium with boutiques and restaurants in the first two floors of the low storey building.

Also in Serendra, you can already have a view of another famous mall here (this time, it is a mall for all people. You know what I mean by this). I wish that I could walk further but I can't anymore. I just used my lunch break time to take pictures of part of the area to show you how it looks. Don't worry. I will go further in the future. And will give you a better picture of what it looks like inside.

As you can see, from one spot in the area, I can already see three international banks, JP Morgan and Chase, Deutche Bank and HSBC. Actually there are many banks (not only international) that are located here.

I really like it here because you can really appreciate the sunshine. You can see its beauty in this place. It looks very positive and it seems like it gives you good vibes too.

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