Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrities and Drugs and Alcohol

Britney Spears, Cory Monteith, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are just four of the many celebrities who went to rehabilitate from abusive drug (whatever kind of drug, may it be alcohol, heroin, etc.). Recently, there was a news in Yahoo News that Cory's death was because of overdose of heroin and alcohol. By the time I read this, my only reaction was "What's up with that????". I think that these celebrities are so irresponsible for being such a bad example to the youth who look up to them. Like for instance, Lindsay Lohan. She is very popular among the youth, she starred in so many Disney films such as Herbie and The Parent Trap. So why don't they take into consideration that many of the youth nowadays idolize them and they look up to them like an inspiration. This is so ironic for me. I don't think that they will be an inspiration anymore UNLESS they show us the efforts and changes they make to be a good example to the youth.

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