Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy Sunday

As many of us know, Sunday is a  rest day. Or, it is a day where you hang out with your friends or family. I decided to stay at home though simply because I want to rest. So I think it is time to clean our bedroom. It's a bit of a mess, and the sheets are already two weeks old. So I decided to clean and change the sheets. I would be more relaxed if I am lying down in a clean and fixed bed. (For those who thinks that there is no point fixing your bed everyday, well, just to let you know there is. It feels better if you know your bed is dust free and clean.)

Here's a photo of our bedroom before I changed the sheets and cleaned the room.

You might have noticed that this is just one room. This is a room of four, me, mom, dad and brother. Here in the Philippines, electricity is no joke. It is neither affordable nor cheap. So to save electricity, we decided to just sleep in one room. Well, we were like this already ever since I was born. But to be honest, I really like it this way, because you know how dangerous it is now everywhere right, so I feel more secure with my parents and brother in just one bedroom. I sleep on the queen size bed with my mom, then my brother sleeps in the bed in the second picture and my dad in the third picture.

Then here's what it looks like after changing the sheets and cleaning the room.

You might notice once again that we don't have matching sheets and everything. We don't really mind that the sheets and pillow cases and other stuffs in the room does not match. We don't mind that our room is not pretty as long as its clean and neat.

I am really happy that after an hour of cleaning, it is finally done. It might not be aesthetically nice (in an interior designer's point of view) but it is clean, and that's what matters for now.

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