Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012

So befire I tell you about everything that happened here, I'll tell you first what happened before I arrived home.

On August 6, 2012, 4:30pm. I was in DLSU-Taft having our thesis session with our adviser. After 5 minutes, rain started to fall strongly. Then at about 6pm, I just felt that no one cares for me noteven my mother. It already passed 7 and no one was texting me. That was really sad. But anyway, after our thesis, it was already flooded in taft avenue and good thing I bought slippers, I crossed the flooded streets without hurting my shoes. Then when I arrived home, the streets started to accumulate water and it really concerned me alot because I don't want the ONDOY incident to happen again. Then so far so good, then about 5am, our store was still open and my dad told us that water started to enter the interiorof our house. And when I woke up, that was 8am in the morning, water inside the house is till my knee already. And not only that, there was no electricity. The sad part is that the rain was not the reason for all these flooding. It was because the LaMesa Reservoir released a large amount of water which caused the extreme flooding of 90% of the whole Metro Manila. Yesterday night, electricity was back, and just this morning, the water started to subside and now, the streets are dry. It was a good thing though that the rain stopped and the water subsided already. It was really scary to be actually in a situation where water is entering the interior of the house and you are already thinking what if the water reached second floor, and all other what if's.

I was worried with my good friend chubby because the water reached the second floor of their house and they evacuated alreadd. I kept praying to stop the rain and keep them safe.

And now, I want to thank God for stopping the rain and hopefully, it would not rain that hard anymore.

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