Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 23, 2012

Upon writing this blog, I just remembered that today is my best friend's birthday. I almost forgot about it because I am so busy with the thesis stuff and today is the deadline of our written thesis. And I still haven't print them out yet because the printing store is still closed. I am in a panic mode right now because I am still confused whether sould I attend my first class or print my thesis during that time because after printing, I still need to have them ringbinded. This is so frustrating. I mean everything is so frustrating, like yesterday, we just had our Modern geometry 4th quiz and I was so confident that I'll ace it, then during the exam, my goodness, I can;t answer the forst question already. It makes me so upset because I studied very hard and it's like there's no chance for me to get a good grade.

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