Friday, August 17, 2012

August 18, 2012

Today wasn't such a good day. Today is a deadline for the application of graduation yearbook so all requirements such as the receipt, the pictures, the testimonials are supposed to be completed by now. So a while ago, my friend's problem is that he didn't ask for the right amount of money. Then here comes another friend who save his ass. So he lend my friend the money that is lacking. Now, the pictures. Well, he wasn't abe to print the picture because the file was unreadable by the computer in the computer shop. So we went back to the study area, to get the pictures from my laptop. Then I opened his resume and took his picture then he got mad. I was really pissed off because, in this area, I am the only person who received every foul word that he said, and now, he's mad at me. Is it my fault that he crammed? So why is he mad at me? Why is he blaming me and throwing foul words at me? I already did my part in helping him. All he has to do is get pictures, pay, buy the cd and pass all the requirements. I did the write up. I inputed all the required stuff that has to be in txt and rtf file. So what now? I told you to pay the before yesterday and now its like your blaming for everything.

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