Friday, June 1, 2012

My Samsung Galaxy Y (Young)

To be honest, at first, I was really happy that I have a new cellphone that is new but now, I am starting to experience problems with my phone. The back button is not working properly. In fact, sometimes, I mean most of the time, it is not working. The back button is a soft touch button so it is really hard to feel if you have touched it the right way. But sometimes, even if you repeat it many times, it is still not working. Anytime soon, I will be buying a new phone, I 'll be buying a blackberry but my problem is that my brother is going to inherit this phone, and I am really scared that he is going to have a high blood pressure using this. Also, there are many incompatible applications for this phone. The only nice thing to say about this cellphone is that its battery life is a bit okay except if the place's reception is poor. When there is poor reception, the battery life is very short. We all know the reason for that, that is why there is a thing called "Flight Mode" in smart phones. The graphics is not really nice in this phone. At first, I was amazed because this is my first touch screen cellphone. But next time, I won't buy touch screen cellphones anymore. It gives me headache. Oh I forgot to mention that my brother's patience is really short. so I am a bit worried about that.

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