Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moving On

When I was browsing my facebook account just a while ago, I feel like I am the only person among my high school classmates who hasn't moved on to the next step of life. Many have already graduated. Some are already going to medicine school. Some are already working. And here is Darell Tan Teng, still in De La Salle University, finishing her bachelor's degree. It's not that I am depressed, its just that I also wanted to feel the next step of life. I have decided that I am going to enroll in a mathematics master's degree here in La Salle. I just hope that I'll be accepted when I apply for scholarship and I just hope that I can maintain my scholarship while I'm working. I also decided to work in the academe instead of working in a corporate world. It's not that I want to be the boss or I don't want to have a boss, I just don't like the pressure that the corporate world gives. The atmosphere in the corporate world is really different. But whatever happens, I still hope for the best for my future, so that I'll have a good job and earn a good amount of salary to help my parents and my brother in his tuition fee.

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