Monday, June 4, 2012

An Empty Classroom

An empty classroom in De La Salle University, St. Joseph Hall : Taken 6:50 am
What is the use of having a room with 45 armchairs, a big blackboard, a projector, a computer, two air-conditioners, lights and fans with no teacher and no students at all?

I always arrive at school before 6:45am. Usually, during this time, most of the classrooms are empty, and this room that I am in is empty. Seeing this empty room with all the utilities available such as the big blackboard and 45 armchairs made me feel that I am so lucky that I am studying in a prestigious university. This really made me feel sorry about the many students in public schools lacking utilities such as chairs. The condition of public education here in the Philippines is getting worse. The population here in our country is increasing and I just think that the country is not even capable of giving education for the these people. Now, I realize that I should not complain about anything. I admit that we are not rich and we live in an "almost poor" life. But I should get into consideration that we are living in an apartment, with air-conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven and the like. Life seems to be tough if my eyes are closed. If I would compare my life with the other students here in our school, we are indeed a very poor family. But, when I compare my self with the less fortunate, I think I should be at least satisfied that I have the access to all the things I have compared to the things that other people don't have. The empty classroom was indeed an eye opener for me. With this, I saw the bigger picture of what I have instead of what I don't have.

-Darell Tan Teng

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