Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UnProfessional Photography: a hobby

Back in my high school years, I used to take pictures of my classmates in my cellphone. I admit that my photographing skills are not good and are very incompetent. Many of the pictures that I had taken were blurred. But for me, this hobby is not really about how good I am in taking pictures, but it's all about the memories that each picture captures. It might just be a photo, but a simple photo can help many remember memories, may it be good or bad, happy or sad. For me, no matter what kind of memory it is, every memory counts, no matter how bad it is because I have surpassed it and moved on in a different memory that I will hopefully love or if not learn from. That's why taking pictures is very world known. Before, people draw the memory or paint a picture of something worth remembering, but as time goes, technology is growing and more advanced cameras are being produced. Instead of just being a sloth or just hanging around at home, I might as well take advantage of the technology that is for our hands to grab. Cameras may be expensive but there are different varieties that we can choose from may it be the most high-tech but, its not how cool your cameras are or how good you at taking pictures but the memory you capture in those pictures.

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