Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 10 Projects

The day before yesterday, I was really happy that I am very relaxed and everything because I am not in the office but my boss texted me that I will have my presentation the next day so I was very shocked and then I checked my email, and there, the pressure is on. I was part of the top 10 projects and I hate it. Even if its good because I had a good project, but I have a class, and I have to sacrifice a class. So I talked to Ms. Haidee and asked her if I can move my presentation first thing in the morning so that I can catch up with my TREDFOR where attendance is a big thing. Then on presentation day, I was really disappointed that the people in the company were late. I have to leave the office before 9 but I finished by 9:10 and arrived school at around 10:10. And there it was for my project.

Presenting a project was really hard. It was my first time. I was really nervous and forgot to say a lot of things. I think I need to practice speaking more especially speaking in English.

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