Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Okay, now, for my savings commitment, well.. It did not go very well. I stopped because of financial crisis in our family. Our business,
which is just a sari sari store is not doing any better. I'm really confused because when we started it was really doing well and it was
doing very well for I think 6 years, but on the 7th, sales starts to go down, since we increased 1 peso on almost all our products. But if
we don't increase the price of products, then the business will experience net loss because raw materials and other stuffs cost a lot. And
not to mention, the uncontrollable inflation in the Philippine Market, makes everything worse. Now, we ere still surviving but everything
seems like its just enough for what we need and we can't consume extras and sometimes, enough is already unattainable.

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