Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012 (Random Thoughts and some "RANDOM THOUGHTS" about myself and other things too)

Okay, Yesterday night, when I got home, I just realized that my lower limbs are getting bigger. It doesn't really look good because my
upper limbs are slim. I don't really understand why my lower limbs are getting bigger. Is it because I'm walking a lot, and come to think
of it, the walks are long. But now, my lower limbs got a bit slimmer compared to yesterday. Okay, this is really strange, am I
hallucinating? Actually, there are a lot of times that I feel that my lower limbs are big, and the next day it became slimmer. I really
don't know what's going on. I think I have to do some workouts for slimming lower limbs, because I don't wants to have big fat legs :(. It
ain't pretty.
Okay, another random thought that I have is about the environment. Here in Ortigas, I have noticed that many of the fast food chains
and even convinience stores are already using paper bags instead of plastics. Well, in my opinion, using paper bags will not really help
environment. It is ironic to say that for me, plastics are really the big deal for saving the environment, because if you come to think of it
deeply, if you use paper, it is like cutting and killing a lot of the trees (Feeling guilty here, because I am using a lot of tissues due to
colds). I know that paper disposal is safe and environment friendly but producing, or should I say, mass producing paper especially
paper bags, are not environment friendly. On the other hand, plastic bags does not need trees to be produced, and plastics are sturdier
(or more sturdy) compared to papers. The cons of plastic is that, yes, IMPROPER disposal of plastics are harmful, and the chemicals
used are not safe either. BUT plastics are recycable. You can use a plastic a lot of times compared to paper which sometimes is not
sturdy enough to take your things to the place you want it to be, except for those who don't commute. Also, I think, the enivronment is
suffering because of IMPROPER disposal of plastics and the LOSS of trees, which is actually an effect after mass producing a lot of
paper. I just think that people needs to be educated more about plastics and the proper disposal of it. So, in my opinion, plastics are
more environment friendly than papers.
Today, I just realized that I am reading a lot of blog entries from THE BAG HAG DIARIES. I really envy these people who can afford
high quality and fashion friendly bags, because I really can't afford these kinds of bags. I want one though. I just think that, even if it
will cost me a lot of cash, it will still be worth it to buy a high quality bag that is also fashion friendly. Maybe, when I am already
working, maybe, I can gift myself one of the Louis Vuitton or a Tads Bag.
I feel really lazy doing work now, especially now that I have an internet connection. Now I can't stop reading blogs and news from the
interent, and I end up writing a blog about ALMOST everything I want to write about.
I've been thinking, should I sign up fro tumblr? Since I write a lot these past few days. and since tumblr is not blocked here at work,
then maybe I could just write there. But, if I sign up for tumblr, then I have to sacrifice my account in multiply, but I don't like that to
happen because, I like multiply. Now, what should I do?
The reception here in the office is really poor. I miss my chubby already. I don't feel like working today. I feel so sleepy.
It's almost 7:00pm and I'm still here in the office because my dad just left home, so I have to wait here until he texts me that he's
already in Greenhills. Well, I almost finished discriminant analysis, the Backward elimination model is the only model left for
interpretation. So, I think, I will finish discriminant analysis before lunch tomorrow. And during luch, I will not eat with my office
mates, because I decided to read manga instead. I really had fun reading One piece. I just hope that I will finish this manga before I get
addicted so that it wouldn't be a distraction in my work. So I have decided that on Saturday, if I'm not with Chubby, then I will just
spend the whole day there to read One piece. HAHAHAHAHA It is funny because I'm denying that I am not addicte to One piece but I
think I already am addicted. I have read 10 chapters already this day while I'm working. HAHAHAHAHA.

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