Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 24, 2012

Today is my first day of the term and yes I was really excited that I arrived at school before 6:30. My first class was HUMAART (Introduction to Art). When our professor in HUMAART entered the classroom, I thought that he was finding a seat and thought that he is a student, but then, he went straight to the teacher's table and said, "Is this HUMAART? NO2?". So he is our professor. At first, he kept speaking in Filipino, which for me is better but I have to be considerate with the ones who cannot understand the language. After a while, he noticed that there were a few international students, Korean students to be exact. Actually, there were six Koreans and 5 of them cannot understant Filipino. So of course, our professor had no choice and tried his best in speaking English. After our class, which was just an orientation, I and Gail told each other that our professor really had a hard time speaking in English. His sentences were full of "aaaa"'s and "ahm"'s. But of course, I am not that mean to laugh at him, but he is a professor, so he must expect some international students, and yes, he should practice because his "aaa"'s and "ahm"'s took a lot of time. Second and last subject is TIMEFOR (Time Series Analysis and Forecasting). Well, I think many of us was very thankful that our professor is Dr. Arcilla instead of Dr. *a********* because there were a lot of negative feedbacks about him as a professor.

I arrived around 1:30 here in the office and it was really tiring to walk under the very hot temperature of the sun. I just realized that tomorrow is my last day here. And at last, I can rest for a little while because, I sincerely tell you guys that working is no joke and is really tiring.

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