Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 23, 2012

Okay, I am a bit excited for tomorrow because tomorrow is the beginning of a new term in school and not only that, I really missed Chubby, so I am hoping that he would go to school early so that I can see him and hug him like this >:D<. Also, I want to get away from this office. The office atmosphere really stresses me out maybe because I do not really like this kind of environment. If I'm in school, I feel that I have lots of free time but when I'm here in the office, I just think that I am wasting time doing what I want instead of doing my project. Like now, I wrote a blog about my lunch, and this is my second blog for the day.


Well, right now, I am almost finished with my project. I just finished my conclusion and now I am organizing my thoughts for my recommendation. So far, I find the project not really hard at all. If I finished my project early, maybe, I am not doing anything at all now. And to be honest, it is really embarassing to read a manga the whole day. So, at least, I still need to do something that is related to my project. So that's why I am so slow.

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