Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 18, 2012

Today is one hell of a day. I did not have troubles riding the LRT but, my goodness, the MRT is so jampacked with people, and many times in MRT, my foot is being stepped. In both LRT and MRT, I always experience being pushed with great force by many people. I don't know why they have to push me, because if you cannot really ride the train no matter what, pushing will not help. It really makes my mood go down because the pushing and stepping of my foot just adds up to the fact that I hate commuting. When I dropped at Ortigas Station, all I could think about is going home and not work anymore. I think this is the reason why many ended up teaching because not only you have a lot of free time, the salary is also worth it, as oppose to a company whose salary is maybe just enough for everybody. I know that at first, I really wanted to be a professor, but I changed my mind about my ambition since I have to study more to be able to become a professor but come to think of it, there's nothing wrong in acquiring more knowledge while working in the same institution. So now, I think I have decided to really pursue of becoming a professor.
To be honest, I still wanted to be a reporter, but I still think that I am incapable of being one, even if many told me that I can be a good news reporter (this is because of how I speak and read the news). I know that when you report, you don't just read what's on the paper, you should be the one who wrote what's on the paper, making it more natural and easier to remember and to be able to report it with conciseness. But no matter what I do, I think I'll end up teaching besides, it was my second career path that I wanted to take. Maybe, in the near future, I can be a reporter and at the same time teach. Who knows? Maybe that'll be my destiny, to become a professor and a reporter.

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