Monday, May 14, 2012

May 15, 2012

This day, I think, I won't write a long blog, because it is going to be a busy day since I have to finish my project soon. Next week is the official end of my internship and I have to say that I will miss some of the people here like Ate Jackie and Ate Macon. They are the ones who made me feel confortable here in the office. Also, I am very excited because Chubby and I are going to see each other on Saturday. Not that it's a special day, I just have to get  my EAF from him, but I really hope that he cound stay in school so that at least, I can be with him. I hope that this Saturday will be a great day, because if it is, then probably, I will count it as one of my happiest day with life. You might be wondering why Chubby is so importannt to me. Well, actually, I do not know either, he is just so special to me. That's all.

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