Friday, May 25, 2012

Lunch Out with Officemates in ARMY NAVY Ortigas

Today, me and my seatmates here in the office decided to go out to eat today because today is my last day here in UnionBank. At first, I was really hesistant when they asked me to go out before to eat outside because, my wallet is starting to burn, but I realized that maybe I should go, it is going to be my last day, so at least have fun even at lunch time.

So b y11:50, we went to ARMY NAVY with a new friend. Her name is Maf. She is really funny and she looks happy always like Jackie and Macon. But anyway, when we arrived in Army Navy, I just thought to myself that the Army Navy everywhere, even if expensive, is always packed with people. I thought to myself that their food is not SUPER delicious, but it is delicious.

It was really fun to be them. We even played a game. I really felt welcomed.

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